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Pet Friendly Hotels in the Philippines

SoHotel The SoHotel is located at 2016 MH del Pilar St in Manila. Guests of the SoHotel are given numerous amenities including free breakfast, free parking,...



Beach Resorts in Cebu

Abaca Boutique Resort At the Abaca Boutique Resort guests are not just given luxurious accomodations, that but they are also given access to the resorts restaurant...



A Romantic Tropical Break Away

There are few things better than sharing a lovely romantic vacation together, spending time alone, just two people with no cares or worries. The fantasy...


Saint Agustin Church

The Saint Agustin Church (inglesia de San Pablo) is located on General Luna Street in the beautiful city of Intramuros, Manilla. Founded in the year 1571, Saint Agustin Church still remains fully dedicated to their religion and holds ceremonies every Saturday and remains open to visitors Monday through Friday. For any visitors that are looking to get married, Saint Agustin offers all wedding services for you and your loved one.

Rizal Park

Rizal Park is the site where over 158 individuals were excecuted in front of the community. At this historic park you and your family will find beautifully paved walkways, gardens, monumemts, ponds and wooded areas for your children to explore. Although there is seriousness behind this historic attraction, there is fun around every corner of Rizal Park for all ages.

Tubbataha Reef

The Tubbataha Reef was discovered in the late 1970's and is considered to be a national marine park, making it a well protected area for visitors to dive and enjoy the reef's natural beauty. Some of the most popular sea creatures in the Tubbataha Reef are manta rays, sharks and turtles. Be sure to bring an underwater camera along for you and your family to capture memories and beautiful shots of life under water.

Manila Zoo

Manila park is an excellent getaway for families that are searching for beautiful scenery and a large variety of different species to discover for the first time. With 14 acres full of wildlife and fun activities for all ages, you cannot possibly go wrong with choosing to visit the Manila Zoo located in Malate, Manila, Philippines.