A Romantic Tropical Break Away

There are few things better than sharing a lovely romantic vacation together, spending time alone, just two people with no cares or worries. The fantasy of running away to a tropical island has always been prevalent in the world of romance. Strolling down a white sandy beach, the surf is rolling in and the palm trees are swaying has been a favorite for years. As the sun sets, a huge tropical moon rises to light the path of the lovers. This fantasy can be a reality in the Philippines.

Nestled just above the equator in the South China Sea, the Philippines are a collection of over 7,000 islands. They present a nearly endless choice of tropical vegetation, beautiful ocean beaches and exciting volcanic mountains to explore. Their location offers summery weather during much of the year. Because of the height of the mountains, those temperatures are slightly less, but not excessively cold. The monsoon or rainy season only lasts from June to September. Mount Pinatubo is currently considered an active volcano although it has been quiet for years. For a romantic break away from reality, these islands are a tropical paradise for lovers.

Exploring the Philippines together is a wonderful way to enjoy a romantic interlude. The history of this island nation includes Malaysian, Chinese, Spanish and American influences that is reflected in the architecture and food. The natural splendor of unspoiled beaches and tropical forests enhance romance with a love of the natural world. The Philippines even have their own reef for those that prefer their romance under the sea. Discovered in the late 1970's, the Tubbataha Reef is a national marine park.

Resorts are numerous throughout the islands. Whether the goal is to be alone or just feel alone, there is a perfect resort to be found. Many are nestled along the coasts and offer sandy tropical beaches surrounded by rain forest. If a romantic break is on the calendar, give the Philippines a try.